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Nov 07

Game Play Results –

This is a quick demo interplay using the Don’t Rest Your Head gaming system in a play by post format, some of it was typed on a phone so the quality can be hit or miss… It’s a highly narrative but with dice system that allows for very freeform gameplay. *Opening Scene – * As …

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Nov 03

Don’t Rest Your Head – Talents Explained

DRYH characters have two talents, one Exhaustion and one Madness. The Exhaustion talent is something any normal person can do, it’s just for that character as they get more tired, the more Exhaustion dice they have in play, they can do it better. To pick an Exhaustion talent if you think of any standard Skill …

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Oct 28

Don’t Rest Your Head Actual Play 1-

Notes: This is Terri’s first actual Scene in the game after going through the intro story (see previous posts Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 ) and it’s here that we delve into the actual game play mechanics of DRYH which are deceptively simple but allow for a lot of tension in the players as they …

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Oct 27

Don’t Rest Your Head – Chapter 2

Chapter 1 can be found here. Chapter 2Terri eventually made it to the post office and as BF had predicted there was a wait but she didn’t really mind this time.  Queued up without anything to do gave her time to calm her mind, tell herself it was a trick of light and shadow or …

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Oct 26

Don’t Rest Your Head – Dice App

Not sure what it says about me that to run some playtests of Don’t Rest Your Head, I took the time to create a dice roller…. Google+: View post on Google+ …from Google+