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CATS Podcast Episode 17 – Part 3

Posted by Dennis

Episode 17, part 3 of the Key Our Cars group's 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons podcast gameplay session.

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CATS Podcast Episode 17 – Part 2

Posted by Dennis

Episode 17, part 2 of the Key Our Cars group's 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons podcast gameplay session.

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CATS Podcast Episode 17 – Part 1

Posted by Dennis

Episode 17, part 1 of the Key Our Cars group's 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons podcast gameplay session.

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CATS Podcast Episode 16 – Part 3

Posted by Dennis

Episode 16, part 3 of the Key Our Cars group's 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons podcast gameplay session.

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CATS Podcast Episode 16 – Part 2

Posted by Dennis

Episode 16, part 2 of the Key Our Cars group's 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons podcast gameplay session.

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CATS Podcast Episode 16 – Part 1

Posted by Dennis

Episode 16, part 1 of the Key Our Cars group's 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons podcast gameplay session.

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CATS Podcast Episode 15 – Part 3

Posted by Dennis

Episode 15, part 3 of the Key Our Cars group's 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons podcast gameplay session.

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CATS Podcast Episode 15 – Part 2

Posted by Dennis

Episode 15, part 2 of the Key Our Cars group's 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons podcast gameplay session.

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CATS Podcast Episode 15 – Part 1

Posted by Dennis

Episode 15, part 1 of the Key Our Cars group's 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons podcast gameplay session.

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After Midnight – Case of the Ugly Bust

Posted by Dennis

The Case of the Foot Race


Our fearless trio has been canvassing a seedy side of town looking for one Lou "Lucky Lou" Wilson a small time fence that's come into some property the agency has been tasked with tracking down and returning to its rightful owners.

The purpose of the scenes - Gain familiarity with the chase rules as they apply to foot chases, expand combat familiarity, expose just how bad it is to go up against melee numbers when you only have a gun, that kind of thing. Working up a beginning set of adventures.

Things learned - Chase rules make sense but could see how a chase could drag out with a lot of catch up a bit, lose ground due to rolls.  Gang Up bonus plus unarmed defender bonus is very nasty.  The original last fight scene had the three Wild Cards versus 6 Extras and 1 Wild Card.  Combine that many attacks on top of the bonuses and it was a complete TKO.  Removing two of the Extras eased the blow somewhat and it went from a Game over man! to a "Tough but doable."

Note: It's a Pulp setting so there are some things that Heroes get like the police rarely show up until after the fight, they get Bennies more often as Pulp has a bit of an over top to it and the like.   This was written piecemeal over the course of several days as I found time so there may be some inconsistencies.

Our Cast -

Three members of Danger Inc. "Danger is our middle name." private detective agency -

Jack Antonelli -
Agility d8 (2), Smarts d6 (1), Spirit d6 (1), Strength d4, Vigor d6 (1)
Toughness 5, Parry 6, Sanity 6, Pace 6(10)
Fighting d8 (3), Perception d6 (2), Shooting d6 (2), Streetwise d6 (2), Guts d6 (2), Athletics d6 (2), Insight d6(2)
Edge: Well Adjusted
Hindrances: Big Mouth, Loyal
(Think Tony DiNozzo from NCIS)

Mary Alice Dougherty -
Agility d6 (1), Smarts d8 (2), Spirit d8 (2), Strength d4, Vigor d4
Toughness 4, Parry 5, Sanity 6, Pace 6(9)
Fighting d6 (2), Shooting d6 (2), Stealth d6 (2), Thievery d6 (2) Perception d8 (3), Investigation d8 (3), Guts d6 (2), Insight d4(1)
Edge: Common Bond
Hindrances: Quirk: Prim and Proper, Cautious
(Think Evie from the Mummy)

Pyotr 'Pete Jones' Rashnikov -
Agility d8 (2), Smarts d4, Spirit d4, Strength d8(2), Vigor d6 (1)
Toughness 5, Parry 7, Sanity 4, Pace 6(10)
Fighting d10 (5), Shooting d8 (3), Perception d8 (5),Taunt d4(1), Guts d6(3)
Edge: Two Fisted
Hindrances: Phobia: Rats, Wanted: Russian Mafia New York City Based
(Think Pete of BCjr)

Setup -

GM: "It's late evening, the wind is picking up and it's a cold one. The streets and sidewalks have been steadily decreasing in traffic for the last couple of hours as the late fall sun sank below the horizon. Trash swirls down the street and there's a hint of possibly the first early snow of the year, the old timers have been saying this is going to be a cold winter but then they always say that don't they.  As you'd decided, Jack you're on one side of the street part way between Pete and Mary Alice on the other. Give me an insight roll with a -4 penalty."
Mechanically: This is a setting specific skill added to my game with SW to simulate a character's ability to make a leap of deduction without a lot of facts, to 'read' people and to gain clues through intuition on things they may not consciously know.  And to pick up on creepy vibes. The penalty is pretty high for this check but it's a very hard thing to pick up on hence the -4.

Jack: "Right, I use any reflective surfaces and the occasional glance around to keep an eye on the other two."
Mechanically, rolls d6 and wild d6 for rolls of 2,6.  6 aces for a total of 5 (9-4).  Success.

Mary Alice: "I keep an eye on Jack, I don't like him over on the other side of the street by himself."
Mechanically, rolls d4 and wild 6 for rolls of 3,6.  6 aces for a total of 3 (7-4).  Failure.

Pete: "I stop to check out a window display using it to glance at Mary Alice and Jack casually."
Mechanically: Rolls a d4-2 and wild d6-2 for a 3 and a 6.  The wild aces for a final total of 7 (13-2-4).

GM: "Well well, at roughly the same time Mary Alice and Pete you both get the feeling that someone has painted a bulls-eye on your back, that feeling of being watched by someone with intensity, possibly hostile intensity.  Good work Pete, you're typically about as insightful as a rock with a blanket over it."

Pete: "Ugh, I don't like this, something's wrong. Not sure what it is but it's gotten partly creepy out with a chance of sudden violence."

GM: "Ahead on the street on the same side as Pete, a man bundled up against the cold steps out of a building with a package under his arm.  He glances both ways and then heads north in the same direction you've been going.   Perception checks please with a -1 penalty please."

Jack: "I give him the once over."
Mechanically: Rolls a 5 and a 4 for a total of 4 (5-1).  Success.

Pete: "Must need to be somewhere important if he's heading out into this cold."
Mechanically: Rolls a 6 and a 3 for a total of 5 (6-1). Success.

Mary Alice:
"He's carrying something I see."
Mechanically: Rolls a 7 and a 3 for a total of 6 (7-1). Success.

GM: "Although he has a muffler around his face and a snap brim hat pulled down enough of his face is showing that all of you recognize him as Lou Wilson.  He's about 100' ahead of you almost to the next intersection."

Mary Alice:
"Bingo, that's our boy.  I pick up the pace to catch up to Pete."

Pete: "Should I cross the street?"

Jack: "No no, I give Pete a discrete wave to stay on that side of the street.  We need to see where he's going and if he crosses over he might wonder why Pete is going back and forth.  We all walk faster but not running yet to close the distance."

GM: "You see Lou shift the package to his other arm, it's about the size of bowling ball although squarer in shape and bundled up in gray cloth or canvas.  As he does a low warbling whistle echoes between the buildings coming from, you think, an alleyway ahead on Jack and Mary Alice's side of the street about 50' ahead of them.  Lou's step falters and his head whips around, scanning the street behind him.  He turns forward and breaks into a run.  At this point he's roughly 30' ahead of you or 6 squares putting him at extreme range plus for a foot chase.  If he gets 11 squares ahead of you, you've lost him."

Start of Chase: [Lou] [  ] [  ] [  ] [  ] [  ] [Pete, Jack, Mary Alice ] [  ] [  ] [  ] [  ]

Note: Lou isn't a full Wild Card but isn't quite a lowly Extra either and has the ability to suffer one wound and gets his own Benny.

Pete: "Crap, what the hell is going on?  I start chasing him."

Jack: "Son of a bi[bleep]! I cut diagonally across the street."

Mary Alice: "Good thing I'm not wearing high heels.  I chase after them."

GM: "And the chase is on!  Mary Alice your sustained pace at a run is a 9, the boys run at 10.  Lou seems to be hoofing it about the same speed as Mary Alice.  This is going to give Pete and Jack a bit of an edge in catching up Lou as they're just slightly faster over the long haul than he is.  Let's pull initiative cards shall we?"
Mechanically: I'm using a House Rule from the savage pedia that run speed equals Pace+1/2 Agility die.  This makes some sense to me as barring Obstacles (dealt with by a separate mechanic) a persons running speed isn't going to vary between 15% and 100% of their walking speed and eliminates one roll per person per round so time saver as well.
Initiative order ends up  Mary Alice KC, Pete JS, Lou 4S, Jack 2C.
Since Mary Alice and Jack were both dealt clubs they have to avoid obstacles.  Given the situation they're both crossing the street the obstacles are obvious.  Moving cars...

GM: "Mary Alice as you dart out into the street you hear a screech of brakes from behind you, apparently you forgot to stop look and listen. Give me an Agility test at -1."
Mechanically: The GM has assigned the obstacle density of the area as Sparse which is a -1 penalty.

Mary Alice: "Darnit, I could have sworn I looked.  Okay I try to avoid becoming a bumper sticker."
Mechanically:  Mary Alice rolls her Agility d6 and wild d6 and gets a 6,3.  The 6 aces for a total of 9 (10-1) and she got a success and raise.

GM: "You put on a burst of speed and get out of the way of the sedan as the driver whips the wheel to the side ending up smashing into a light pole, bringing it crashing to the ground in a screech of metal and smashing of glass.  Give me another Agility roll to see how well you're doing with the chase."

Mary Alice: "That roll doesn't count?"

GM: "Not as far as I can tell, the clubs card means you have to make an obstacle roll.  I assume if you make it then the chase continues.  If you fail it then you have to take damage from the impact."

Mary Alice:
"Okay, I keep on running then."
Mechanically: Rolls Agility d6 and wild d6 for a 1,6 which aces to 9 for a success and raise.  Mary Alice closes the gap by 2 putting her 4 squares on Lou.

Pete: "I see Mary Alice is okay and keep on running."
Mechanically: Rolls Agility d8 and wild d6 for 8,1.  8 aces for total of 10 (9+1for being faster than Lou). Success and a raise. Pete also closes the gap by 2.

GM: "Jack as you're moving across the street you hear the squeal of breaks and it distracts your eyes away from the pothole in front of you."

Jack: "Whoa!"
Mechanically: Jack rolls Agility d8 and wild d6 for a 5,4 for a total of 4 (5-1).  A success.

GM: "You narrowly avoid the pothole and continue running."

Jack: "Good thing, that might have broken an ankle.  I shout back, 'Watch out for potholes M.A.!'"
Mechanically: Rolls his Agility d8 and wild d6 for his chase dice for a 3,6.  The 6 aces for a total of 9 (8+1 for being faster). Success and raise. He closes the gap by 2 squares.

Lou: Yells, "Back off!"
Mechanically: Lou rolls his Agility d8 and gets a 7.  A success and he increases the gap 1 square.

Round 2 Results: [Lou] [  ] [  ] [  ] [  ] [Pete, Jack, Mary Alice ] [  ] [  ] [  ] [  ] [  ]

GM: "You've managed to close the distance a little but Lou's running scared and he's pushing hard to get away."
Mechanically:  Initiative cards dealt Jack AD, Mary Alice 5H, Pete JH, Lou 8H making the order Jack, Pete, Lou, Mary Alice.

Jack: "If I pass by anything I could easily grab and throw I want to do so."

GM: "You'll take a multi action penalty on your chase test and the grab.  If you wanted to throw it in the same round that would be a -4 to all rolls..."

Jack: "Hmm, okay I'll just grab something if I can and throw it next round."

GM: "Not a problem, yes you pass by a garbage can on the sidewalk and an empty beer bottle catches your eye."

Jack: "I grab it then as I run past."
Mechanically: Jack is doing a grab action and his movement is an action so he's going to suffer a -2.  He rolls Agility d8 and wild d6 and gets a 8,6.  The 6 aces for an 8.  He ends up with a 8-2 or 6.  Success on the grab.  His chase roll is also a d8 Agility and d6 wild for a 4,4 for a total of 3 (4-2+1).  Failure so he doesn't alter the distance between him and Lou.

Pete: "I zip past Jack as he slows down to grab the bottle."
Mechanically: Rolls Agility d8 and wild d6 for a 6,5. The player spends a Benny to roll again hoping for better results and gets a 8,3.  The 8 aces for a total of 16(15+1).  A success and 3 raises.  Success he closes the gap by 2 squares.

Lou: The fence keeps running.
Mechanically: Rolls Agility d8 and gets a 3.  Failure.

Mary Alice: "I try to run faster."
Mechanically: She rolls Agility d6 and wild d6 and gets a 4,5 for a 5.  Success.  She closes the gap by 1 square.

Round 3 Results: [Lou] [  ] [  ] [ Pete ] [  Mary Alice ] [ Jack ] [  ] [  ] [  ] [  ] [  ]

GM: "Pete is closing in quickly, that bottle grab cost Jack some time though."
Mechanically: Initiative cards result in Jack 7S, Mary Alice 8C, Pete 9D, Lou 3D or Pete, Mary Alice, Jack, Lou.

Pete: "I've almost got him now!"
Mechanically: Rolls Agility d8 and wild d6 for a 7,4 for a total 8 (7+1), success and a raise.  He closes the gap by 2 squares.

GM: "Mary Alice someone exits a building opening the door right in your face."
Mechanically: Mary Alice's club card results in an obstacle check at -1.

Mary Alice: "Oh this is going to hurt if I don't pull off a high speed maneuver."
Mechanically: Rolls her Agility d6 and wild d6 at -1 to avoid the obstacle and gets a 2,4 or total 3 (4-1).  She elects to spend a Benny and rolls another set for a 3,1 or total 2(3-1).  She flinches and spends a second benny for a 1,1 or critical failure.  Sighing heavily she tosses in her last benny and gets a 5,4 or total 4(5-1) and avoids the door by a miracle.

GM: "Tough one Mary Alice but you pulled it out of the fire!  Great job.  You swirl and side step, catching the door just slightly and knocking it out of the hand of the gentleman coming out who shouts in surprise, 'What in bloody hell miss?!'"

Mary Alice: "'Got a white rabbit to catch dear boy' I shout back at him."

GM: "Heh, good one.  Here have a Benny for that one.  You still need to make a chase roll."
Mechanically: The GM appreciated the reference to Alice and Wonderland and awarded the player a Benny for it.

Mary Alice: "I'm feeling good about this one."
Mechanically: Rolls a Agility d6 and wild d6 for a 3,6.  The 6 aces for an 8. Success and raise she closes the gap by 2.

Jack: "I wind up and let the bottle fly, trying to nail Lou with it."

GM: "Okay as an improvised weapon let's give the bottle your str+d4, probably a little over the top but what the heck there's nothing in the rules that I can find. You'll use your Throwing skill."

Jack: Looks at his sheet. "Oh you mean my lack of Throwing skill?"

GM: "Right, that one, d4-2 plus a wild die -2."

Jack: "Here goes nothing.  And I mean that from the bottom of my heart."
Mechanically: Jack is going to be a -2 for his Throwing attack and his chase roll and because he has no Throwing skill that roll is at another -2.  The GM (not finding any reference in the manual declares the bottle will do Jack's Str+d4 in damage, they seem to knock the heck out of people in bar fights in the movies anyway.  He rolls his Throwing d4 and Wild d6 for a 3,6.  The 6 aces for a total of 6 (10-2-2).  Well what do you know, he actually hit with it.  He rolls a Strength d4 for damage and gets a 4. It aces for a total of 9 damage!

GM: "Not sure how you pulled that off but you actually hit him hard enough to matter.  Great job! Lou is though going to try and soak the wound. Here have a Benny."
Mechanically: The GM spends a Benny for Lou and makes a Vigor d4 test and gets a 1, failure. This causes an Out of Control check which typically results in a Skid of 1d4 (2) inches but the GM rules that the -2 increments from getting shaken override this on a foot chase and everyone moves up the chase chart by 2 inches instead.

GM: "The bottle clips Lou on the side of the head and bursts into shards of glass one of which opens a slice in his scalp and blood starts to flow freely and he's shaken and stumbles quite a bit allowing you all to catch up.  Continue your run now."

Jack: "Sure, I'm pumped, we got this son of a [bleep]!"
Mechanically: Rolls Agility d8 and wild d6 for a 7,5 or total of 6 (7+1-2). Success he closes the gap by 1.

Lou: "OUCH!!!  You [bleep]er!"
Mechanically: Lou rolls his Agility d6 at a -1 due to his wound and gets a 4 for a total of 3.  Failure.

Round 4 Results: [Lou, Pete , Mary Alice ] [ ] [ Jack ] [  ] [  ] [  ] [  ] [  ] [  ] [  ] [  ]

GM: "You've closed the gap by quite a bit mostly due to Jack's making him stumble, Pete, you and Mary Alice are now in the same increment with Lou and this opens up quite a lot of maneuvers you can try when you're within one increment.  You could for an example try to force him into an obstacle, distract him somehow and make him potentially stumble, maybe make a grab and tackle on him.  Let's see how the initiative plays out."
Mechanically:  Initiative Jack 7C, Mary Alice 5H, Pete KS, Lou 9D resulting in Pete, Lou, Jack and Mary Alice.

Pete: "I give him a little shove and let him make acquaintance with the next hard thing in our path."
Mechanically: Pete and Lou make opposed Agility checks,  Pete rolls d8 and d6 for a 2,6.  The 6 aces for a total of 11.  Lou had better hope he aces his own rolls.  Lou rolls a d8 Agility and gets a 1 for a total of -3 (1-1 for the wound and -2 for being Shaken ).  Pete gets a success and 2 raises 11 vs -3.

GM: "Before you do that, Lou is going try to shake his head to clear it out."
Mechanically: GM spends a GM benny to see if Lou can clear out his Shaken status.  This is primarily so Lou has a better chance to avoid a second wound in the looming future where a hard object introduces itself to his face.  Lou rolls a Spirit check of d6 and gets a 1 for a total of 0 (1-1 for the wound).  He fails to recover.

GM: "Pete you flail out a arm and tip Lou straight into the path of a light pole!"
Mechanically: Lou is going to take 1d6 damage from the impact and takes 4 damage which is a success and because he's Shaken he suffers a wound.

GM: "Lou smashes into the light pole and rebounds straight back and falls backwards, his head smashing into the pavement and he stops moving except for his breathing, out like a... well unconscious."

Jack: "I assume we have to finish this round?  I'm talking about whatever it is I'm about to dodge nimbly out of the way of because of my club card."

GM: "Good question.  I don't know officially but I'll rule that as you see Lou go down you'd slow up and that would help you avoid anything.  You all slow down and then trot over to Lou.  He's laying on the sidewalk, blood is pouring freely from his nose where he hit the pole face first as well as the lacerations on the side of his head.  A quick check of him and you don't think he's in danger of dying.  In fact he starts to groan and seems to be coming around.  A couple of onlookers are looking in your direction but seem reluctant to interfere."
Mechanically: GM makes a Vigor d4 roll for Lou and gets a 4 which aces to a 10 for a total of 9 (10-1 for his wound).  A success and a raise means the wounds while bloody enough for sure are not life threatening.

Pete: "I look around for the package.  When I find it I unwrap it a bit to see if it's the bust we're looking for and tuck it away under my jacket."

GM: "It does in fact look like the object you were paid to recover.  A primitive arts looking thing carved out of some dense black stone, obsidian or basalt maybe. It's quite ugly and unattractive and for the life you you can't imagine why someone would want to steal it much less pay to get it back."

Mary Alice: "Lou's going to be okay?  Are we sure?"
Mechanically: She makes a Healing d4  and wild card d6 check at -2 because it's untrained and gets a 1 and a 6.  The 6 aces for a total of 7 (9-2).

GM: "You believe so.  Scalp and nose wounds bleed like enemy of Capone's but they're not fatal. He'll live although he'll have one heck of a headache for a day or two."

Jack: "I rifle his pockets real quickly and let's get the hell out of here if he's going to be okay on his own.  I don't want to explain this to the cops.  Again."
Mechanically: Rolls a Perception (aka Notice) d6 and wild d6 for a 4,1 and gets a success.

GM: "You come up with a wallet and a crumpled fragment of paper tucked down into the bottom of one of his coat pockets. It's got an address on it about 3 miles away.  The way he's stirring you believe he should be fully conscious in a few minutes."

Pete: "Good work, let's get back to the car and get out of here before trouble shows up."

Players: [Discussion on the chase, the ugly bust and the client.]

GM: "It takes you a couple of minutes to get back to where you parked your car, a side lot.  Can I get Perception checks at -2?"
Mechanically: One of the tires is flat on the far side of the car and the car has a slight tilt to it which might be picked up by a perceptive character. The final rolls were Pete 3, Jack 2, Mary Alice 10.

GM: "Mary Alice there's something a little off and then it hits you the car is tilted slightly, looks like the driver's side rear tire is flat."

Mary Alice: "I stop walking. Guys, was the tire flat when we parked?  Anything else odd going on?"
Mechanically: Rolls another perception check to scope the area out and gets a total of 3, failure.

Pete: "I look around."
Mechanically: Rolls Perception and gets a total of 3.  Failure.

Jack: "Me too."
Mechanically: Rolls Perception and gets a total of 3. Failure.

GM: "The side lot has a few empty cars in it and one panel truck with the logo of one of the shops that opens into the lot stenciled on it but otherwise is empty."

Mary Alice: "I don't like this, I don't believe in coincidences.  Let's get out of here, catch a bus back to the office and come back later for the car."

Pete: "Yeah I hear you but I don't want to leave the car.  It could just be a flat.  It happens."

Jack: "Yeah we don't want to leave the car here.  There's too many things that might raise an eyebrow in the trunk if you know what I mean. You two wait here on the corner.  I'll go change the flat and pull around and pick you up. Anything bad happens... I want you to come and save my ass.  No running off.  You hear me?"

Pete and Mary Alice: Simultaneous innocent 'who me?' looks.

Jack: "I'm not kidding!"

GM: "The wind's picking up a bit and blowing street debris around and the first fat drops of a cold rain start to fall."

Jack: "Freakin' awesome.  Okay I move to the car keeping an eye out and take a quick glance at the tire.  If it's not been slashed or anything I'll get out the spare and change it.  If it looks suspicious then I'm backtracking and getting back over this way."
Mechanically: Jack plays out his actions and rolls a perception check getting a 15 from a double aced d6.

GM: "The tire doesn't appear to be damaged that you can tell, no obvious holes, nails or screws in it on the sections you can see.  On the far side of the street a woman bundled up is hurrying past, she doesn't appear to even notice you much less be paying any attention to you."

Jack: "I give them a thumbs up and change the tire then."

GM: "As you open the trunk, the man hidden in there lets loose with a shotgun blast aimed at you..."

Players: [screams of outrage]

GM: "...And yet it happened."
Mechanically: The man hidden in the trunk was on Hold, on a hair trigger to shoot whoever opened the trunk. As this is a Wild Card, he rolls his Shooting d8 and wild d6 and gets a 4 and 6.  The 6 aces for a total of 10 (8+2 shotgun bonus).  A success and a raise so he gets 3d6+1d6 damage or 5,5,4,6, the 6 aces and adds another 3 for a total of 23 damage.  OUCH!!!.  Jack has a toughness of 5 and is wearing a heavy leather winter coat AP2 for a total of 7 toughness.  Jack is Shaken and is going to suffer 4 wounds (23-7 = 16/4 = 4).

Jack: "Holy [bleep]!  I try and soak that!"
Mechanically: Jack spends a Benny to try and soak the damage and rolls his Vigor d6 and wild d6 for 1 and 3 and fails to soak even one.

Jack: "I'll spend another Benny and re-roll the vigor check."
Mechanically: Although you can only soak once per wound, you can re-roll your Vigor roll by spending a benny.  Jack Rolls a 2 and a 2.  He spends yet another Benny and rolls a 1 and a 2.

Jack: "Ohhh, you wanted me to make a soak roll.  I thought you said suck roll..."

GM: "You've really got to listen closer.  Here, have a Benny to make up for me being unclear about that.  And no you can't use it right now. So, thanks to your suck rolls you're going to take 4 wounds."

Mary Alice: "Hell, does that mean he's dead?"

GM: "Jack you're Incapacitated.  Make another Vigor roll to see how badly you are incapped. You're going to be at -3 due to the wounds."

Jack: "Not -4? Don't get me wrong, I'm happy with -3 over -4 but I took four wounds."

GM: "Nope, a wild card can only take 3 wounds, anything over that and it doesn't matter as far as penalties go although you still have to try and soak all the wounds you take from an attack, its just the excess only counts for that one soak attempt."

Jack: "Okay as I go flying back from getting a load of buckshot in my chest I try to convince myself it's only a flesh wound.  I bet the the son of a [bleep] is using one of our shotguns to boot."
Mechanically: Jack makes a Vigor test aces with a 3 and a 6.  The 6 aces for a total of 6 (9-3).  A success.  This means he's Unconscious but not bleeding out.  He'll wake up in an hour or after someone successfully heals him.  But for all purposes he's out of this fight.  Rolling on the Injury table results in normally his Strength being reduced a die type but he's already at a d4 so there's no impact.

GM: "The deafening boom of a large calibre shotgun echoes off the buildings and you see Jack stagger back, the chest of his coat ripped into bloody tatters, a man nimbly leaps from the trunk of the car and stands over Jack and ratchets the pump shotgun and looks around.  Let's draw some cards..."
Mechanically: The GM decided that Pete and Mary Alice are too far off to be dealt into this round even if they'd of made their perception rolls.

MS: The man looks around and spots you, the shotgun barrel rests against Pete's head and he shakes his finger at you and then beckons you forward.

Pete: "Well that was unexpected."

Mary Alice: "Does it look like Jack's dead?"

GM: "You're really too far to tell but your gut is telling you he's bad off but probably not dying."

Pete: "How far exactly are we from them?"

GM: "Roughly 20 squares.  The man arches an eyebrow and gestures at your friend with a nasty smile."

Pete: "Crap, I hand the bust to Mary Alice and walk over to him."

GM: "He makes an 'uh uh' gesture with his finger and stabs two fingers toward you and then at the ground in front of him."

Mary Alice: "I reach through the slit in my skirt and pull out my Shank Special.  Pete he's going to kill Jack if we don't do something but we don't have to be defenseless.  We split up and make it harder for him to hit us both and stop about 50' away.  We both get ready to shoot him if things get nasty."

GM: Trivia note, the 'Shank Special' is a 4 shot revolver on a small frame of the Webley break open design in a .44-40 calibre, designed and built by an Ally character associated with the group.  Small enough to be easily carry concealed with the disadvantage it only holds four shots.  As an aside I do find it interesting that almost universally pistols in Savage Worlds deal a 2d6x damage, typically 2d6+1 and the only real difference is range and whether it's a revolver or semi-automatic, even the .22's which I'd have to disagree with.  A .22 can kill but your odds of surviving it barring a shot in a few critical areas (heart, skull, liver) etc. is pretty significant.  As a result to not offend my sensibilities I'm probably going to make it a 1d6+1 weapon for my world.

Pete: "I knew I liked you.  I pull a revolver, I'm carrying the colt peacemakers today and I've got a big fat 255 grain slug for this joker.  We spread out about 10 feet as we get into the lot and stop like Mary Alice said."

GM: "The man's hand and shotgun are steady on Jack's head, as you get closer you can see Jack is stirring slightly, he's not dead and the coat and the cold are both working to keep him from bleeding to death.  The man is white, dressed in dark clothes, a woolen pair of pants and dark turtleneck sweater with ankle high boots of black leather.  The shotgun looks well cared for, in fact it looks identical to one of the shotguns you keep in the compartment in the floor of the trunk.  When he speaks his voice is cultured and smooth, 'Put the artifact on the ground, you can do it there and then back up out of view.  Don't do as I ask and your friend is going to die. Take a few moments and decide but not too long or I kill him and take my chances with you two.'"

Jack: "I say we *cough cough* do as the man *coughing blood* asks."

GM: [Slips Jack a Benny for the humor value.]

Mary Alice:
"Shut up you're dying.  Pete?"

Pete: "I ask the guy, 'What's this ugly thing to you?  It can't be worth much, I know kids that can make better in kindergarten.'"

MS: "That is not a concern of yours.  Please, if you would make your decision?  It is getting cold and I fear the rain is going to start in earnest soon."

Pete: "I take Aim at his head. 'If he dies you die friend.' I want to Intimidate him."
Mechanically: Pete doesn't really know how to Intimdate someone so he rolls a d4 and d6 at a -2 penalty and gets a 4 and a 2.  The 4 aces for a total of 5 (7-2).  The Mysterious Stranger rolls a d6 Spirit and a d6 wild and gets a 5 and a 5.  The GM rules the guns make no difference since both of them have them and in fact would possibly give the nod to the MS since he not only has a shotgun but has it pointed at a defenseless bystander who's a friend of Pete's and grant him a bonus for it.

Mary Alice: "And if he doesn't kill you, I will. I cock my gun, yes I know it's a double action and doesn't need to be cocked but it sounds cooler."
Mechanically: M.A. is in the same boat.  No intimidation skill.  d4 and d6 roll a 1 and a 1, critical failure.

GM: "He looks amused by your attempt to get tough Mary Alice and obviously doesn't find you threatening."

MS: "Please, no one need die here.  Is this really worth dying over?" he points to the package and then glances at his wristwatch, a large gold plated one, "I'm afraid I really can't dally here any longer. Please set down the artifact and walk back around the corner and I will depart.  You can then come back and tend to your friend.  You really should hurry, he's not looking at all well."

Mary Alice: "Crap crap crap.  Okay I burn this guy's face into my memory.   I set the sculpture down on the parking lot and motion for Pete to back away with me."

Pete: "I do so but I don't like it.  I keep my gun aimed at him.  Mechanics wise, what are my chances to kill him before he pulls the trigger?"

GM: "You suspect he's not an Extra.  That means you'd have to hit him for enough damage to blow through his toughness and deal 4 wounds in order to incapacitate him.  I'd say a called shot to the head for +4 damage and hope for roughly 3 raises on your damage...  At a -4 penalty to hit because of the called shot."

Pete: "So you're saying there's a chance?"

Jack: "*cough* don't do it *cough*"

Pete: "Fine, I follow Mary Alice but I'm really not liking this ass right now."

GM: "You retreat around the corner and wait a few seconds and then come back to see only poor Jack laying on the pavement, the man and the bust is gone."

Mary Alice: "I hurry forward and check Jack out and do what I can to help him."

Pete: "Do it in the car, we've got to get out of here.  I'm surprised no one's come by yet."

GM: "All the stores in the area are closed already and there are few pedestrians.  And a single gun shot in this area is more likely to send people scurrying to turn up the radio than come and see what's gong on.  The shotgun is also laying next to Jack by the way, the only thing he seems to have taken is the bust."

Pete: "I don't want to take any chances.  I help Mary Alice get Jack in the car where she can work on him out of the rain and I change the tire as fast as I can."

Mechanically: M.A. has no healing so it's another d4 and d6 at -2.   Jack is in the Golden Hour for healing and the GM rules that they've lost 10 minutes with the talk and conversation and movement leaving a maximum of 5 attempts left.  In addition any healing attempt is going to be at -3 due to Jack's wounds.  Luckily they keep a first aid kit in the car so she's not at another -2 for lack of supplies.   Mary Alice rolls a  4 and a 5.  The 4 aces for a total of 4 (9-5).  Success and Jack recovers from one wound.

GM: "Pete the tire's changed and you can get in and drive away while Mary Alice continues to work if you want.  This is going to give her the unstable platform penalty although if you take it slow I'll reduce that -1."

"Sure no problem, I drive as slow as I think will avoid notice and head us over to the safe house on Brown, I want to swap this sedan with the one we keep in the garage there."

GM: "Okay, you drive through the dark streets as the now steady rain falls down from above.  In the back seat Mary Alice continues to administer to Jack, cleaning his wounds."
Mechanically: Mary Alice continues to work on him, getting a 1, 6.  The 6 aces for a total of 10 (14-4) for a success and raise.  Jack recovers another two wounds and with a good night's rest will be stiff, sore and in pain but able to function normally.

Mary Alice: "I really need to learn how to do clean wounds a little better."

Jack: "*cough* Don't worry about *cough* it.  You did fine.  I feel *cough cough* great."

GM: "Thanks to Mary Alice's prompt attention Jack's going to be fine, most of the buckshot was blocked by his thick coat apparently and the few pellets that went through didn't penetrate very deeply and you were able to remove them all.  A few band-aids and some bactine and maybe a wrap or two and he's good to go."
Mechanically: Since M.A. recovered all his wounds this makes for the most plausible colorization as to why he's fine game mechanic wise.

Mary Alice: "I slide in to the front seat giving Jack room to stretch out."

Players/GM: yak yak who was that mysterious stranger yak yak what's going on yak yak GM gives them details on certain things.]

GM: "You make it back to your safe house and exchange cars without a problem.  I assume you call the office to have someone come out and clean up the car?"

Jack: "Yeah get Tweedle Dee or Dum out here.  I'll tell them I cut myself shaving."
Note: Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum aka Tim O'Malley and John Terrace are Ally's that work for the Agency in the capacity of high level gophers and interns.

GM: "When you call your answering service you find that Tim is on call this week for general duty and arrange for him to come out and clean the car.  What are you going to do now?"

Jack: "I want to get the mother[bleep]er that shot me!"

Pete: "Forget about that, the S.O.B touched my shotgun! You know how I feel about people touching my stuff."

Mary Alice: "Lighten up Francis.  Let's see what we know.  He was a pro, no doubt about that."

Jack: "Expensive one too.  That cologne he was wearing costs the average Joe two weeks salary."

Mary Alice: "I don't want to know how you know that."

Jack: "I enjoy the finer things in life when I..."

Mary Alice: "Enough, whatever.  Okay it's late.  Let's table this and meet  tomorrow and figure out where we go next."

Pete: "Sounds good to me.  Come on, I'll drop you off at the office and you can get your cars."

"Okay you take the clean car back to the office, the night is quiet, filled with the drone of rain and the back and forth of the wiper blades.  It's cold but not quiet cold enough to turn the rain into something nastier so the driving is easy enough if a little wet.  You pull into the garage of your building and get out to go your separate ways.  As you do you pull up short as several shadowy figures step out from behind cars, support pillars and the like."

Jack: "Owww my ribs, it's going to be one of those nights. I hug myself and hunch over a bit, hands under my obviously ruined and bloodstained coat and only by coincidence do I happen to grab the revolver in my shoulder holster."

Pete: "I move around the car if I can to stand by the others."

Mary Alice: "Anyone look like they're in charge?  Are they actually coming toward us?"

GM: "Yes, they were scattered around but all circled on your agencies parking spaces.  You hear a scritching noise and a light flares up as one of them lights a cigar with a lighter.  In the flame you can see his face well enough but you don't recognize him.  The light goes out with a snap as he closes the lighter and the ember of his cigar flares a bit.  'You mugs got sumptin.  A rock of some kind.  I want it. Give it to me this'll go easy.'  The others have moved closer and have paused about 10' feet away from you. You can make enough out of them to know they're all men, bundled up in heavy overcoats. Each of them is carrying a clubbing type weapon, pipe, bat, nightstick, one guy has a pair of heavy brass knuckles.  There are four of them along with what you assume is the boss."

Jack: "What the hell?  Did we find the Maltese Ugly Duckling or what?  It's just a crappy piece of art that someone is now paying waayyy too little to find and return for them."

Boss Thug: "I don' care about your problems mack.  Give me the thing or my boys will have to take it from you."

Pete: "Would you believe me if I told you we don't have it?"

Boss Thug: "No.  Hand it over or the little girl gets hurt first.  Now!"

Jack: "'Oh you done [bleep]ed up 'mack'.'  I pull my 45 and level it at his head."

GM: "This seems like a good time to deal cards."
Mechanically: GM divides the thugs up into 3, the boss, and two groups of 2 Extras.  Dealing cards yields Jack JS, Mary Alice 10H, Pete AC, Boss Thug Red Joker, Group 1 7C, Group 2 AH resulting in the order of Boss Thug, Group 2, Pete, Jack, Mary Alice, Group 1.  Seems like the thugs were ready for any funny business.

Round One - Order - Boss Thug, Group 2, Pete, Jack, Mary Alice, Group 1

Boss Thug: "The boss re-acts like greased lightning and shouts out 'Take them down and find it!' as he moves and ducks behind a car and then comes up with a pistol blazing away."
Mechanically: The boss is performing three actions, move, draw his pistol and shoot so he's going to be at -4 for the quick draw and the shot.  But as he's drawing the weapon from under a bulky coat he has to make an Agility roll to get it out this turn and be able to shoot it.  He rolls his Agility d8 and wild d6 for an 8,1.  The 8 aces for a 10 (14-4).  He pulls it easily. Then he sticks his hand over the edge of the car and shoots at Jack, double tapping with a Shooting d8 and wild d6 for a 1,5 for a 2 total (5+1-4).

GM: "Two shots ring out as the boss levels a 45 semi automatic at Jack but he was in a hurry and they go up into the ceiling.

Pete: "Son of a [bleep] he's fast.  The others aren't carrying guns?"

GM: "Not that you can see, looks like they came to beat the [bleep] out of you rather than kill you.  These two here charge forward at this time and head toward you Pete.  Each one is going to try to hit you with their weapon of choice.  They're going to get +1 to their rolls as a Gang Up bonus which balances their multiple action penalty.  In addition they're going to get a +2 Unarmed Defender bonus since you don't have a melee weapon in your hand and no a pistol doesn't count."

Pete: "Crap!"

Thug 1: "You're going down!"
Mechanically: Swings his billy club with a Fighting d8 and gets a 2 for a total of 4 (2+2+1-2) versus Pete's Parry of 7. Missed.

Thug 2: "Quit ducking!"
Mechanically: Swings a lead pipe at Pete, Fighting d8 and gets a 5 for a total of 7 (5+3+1-2) vs 7.  Hit! Rolls damage of Strength d8+d6 for a 5,5 total 10 damage versus Pete's toughness of 7 (5+2armour).  Success.

GM: "The two thugs quickly move adjacent to you Pete and attack, you duck and dodge one of them but the other nails you with a lead pipe getting a success which will shake you."

Pete: "Hmmm I'm going to try and recover on my turn rather than spend a benny to get rid of it."
Mechanically: Pete could spend a Benny now to remove the Shaken status but he's going to conserve it for now.

GM: "The pipe hit is only a glancing blow but it shakes you up a bit. Your turn."

Pete: "I shake it off."
Mechanically: Pete makes a Spirit roll d4 with d6 for 4,5.  The 4 aces for a total of 9. A success and raise.  Fate's looking out for him and he gets rid of the Shaken status and can go normally.

GM: "You recover quickly from the blow!"

Pete: "Bringing a stick to a gun fight isn't the smartest idea.  I pull out both peacemakers and put a slug from each into the boss."

GM: "Drawing both guns is going to require an Agility roll and an action.  Shooting with both is going to give you -2 penalty for each shot.  And the boss has heavy cover so that's another -4 so you're looking at -8 to hit...."

Pete: "What I meant to say is, I put one slug into two of these thugs, no that's still a -4 on both isn't it.  Okay I pull out one gun and put one bullet into one thug.  -2."
Mechanically: Pete is readying a weapon on the same turn he's going to use it which is an action and he's going to shoot once which is an action which gives him a MAP of -2.  He rolls his Shooting d8 and wild d6 for 2,2 for a total of 0 versus the Thugs Parry of 6.  Because it's an adjacent target the pistol goes versus Parry and not a 4.  Miss.  He thinks about spending a benny but decides against it.

GM: "You dig the Peacemaker out and it bellows forth a tongue of flame and the heavy slug whiffs past one of the thug's heads and flattens against the garage wall."

Jack: "I pull out my pistol and double tap the nearest thug."
Mechanically: Shooting d8 and wild d6, 8,6 at a -2 for the multiple action penalty.  Both dice ace.  Final result is 12(11+1). Success with a raise!  He rolls damage 2d6+1+1d6, 4+5+1+3, 13 damage.  The thugs have a toughness of 6 so a success and raise.

Thug 1: "'The darkness descends, for I am mortally wounded, I fear, this day.' The pedantic thug goes down as blood starts to spread out from the hole in his coat, the sawed down lead weighed baseball bat clatters to the ground."

Mary Alice: "I start screaming and shoot someone."
Mechanically:  Pulling the pistol and shooting costs her -2 penalty.  She rolls Shooting d6 and d6 for a 6,1.  The 6 aces for a total of 5 (7-2).  Success.  She rolls 2d6+1 damage for a 4,6 for a total of 12 (4+6+1+1) versus the thugs Toughness of 7.  Success and raise.  Another Extra goes down as Thug 2 expires.

Pete: "Ummm why screaming?"

Mary Alice: "Figure people might actually come to help a lady in distress rather than running from gunfire."

GM: "Good thinking Mary Alice, here's a Benny. The other group of thugs charges forward rushing toward Jack and Mary Alice."

Thug 3: "You shot Big Bill!"
Mechanically: Thug 3 swings his tire iron with a Gang Up bonus of +1, -2 for MAP, +2 versus unarmed defender.  Rolls d8 for a 3 for a total of  4 (3+1+2-2) versus Jack's Parry of 6.  Miss

Thug 4: "Sorry about this ma'am, just following orders."
Mechanically: Thug 4 swings his pool cue at Mary Alice.  d8 at 2 yields a total of 4 (2+2+2-2) versus Mary Alice's Parry 5.  Miss.

GM: "The last group of thugs, perhaps a little disconcerted by seeing two of their friends go down have trouble hitting Jack or Mary Alice.  But let's see what the future holds..."
Mechanically: Cards are dealt - Jack 7D, Mary Alice, 6S, Pete 3H, Boss AD, Group 2 8S.

Round Two - Order - Boss Thug, Group 2, Jack, Mary Alice, Pete.

Boss Thug: "'Will you incompetents take them down!?' echoes out as he levels his .45 at Pete."
Mechanically: Boss Thug is going to take Aim, he does like his boys and doesn't want to kill them with a stray shot if he can help it.

Thug 3: Grits his teeth and tries for Jack again.
Mechanically: Gang up bonus of +1 and then +2 versus unarmed defender, no penalties. Fighting d8 of 6 yields a 9 (6+2+2) versus Jack's 6 Parry.  Success.  Damage is d6 for a 6 which explodes for a total of 13 versus Jack's Toughness of 5.  (13-5) = 8/4 = 2.  So Shaken and 2 wounds unless Jack soaks it.

GM: "It looks like that incoming tire iron is going to clock you a hell of a wallop Jack."

Jack: "Soaking here boss!"

GM: "You're out of Bennies Jack..."

Mary Alice: "'Watch out Jack!' I give him one of mine."
Mechanically: Mary Alice lets Jack use one of her Bennies through her Common Bond Edge. Jack spends the Benny to soak and rolls Vigor d6+d6 for a 2,4 for a success which reduces it to one wound.

GM: "Jack you take a wound and are Shaken."

Jack: "Crap, I spend a benny to get rid of the shaken... oh right."

Thug 4: Tries to take Mary Alice out and not for a date...
Mechanically: Rolls Fighting d8 for a 1 for a total of 5 (1+2+2) versus Mary Alice's Parry of 5.  Success.  Damage is Strength d6+d6 or 2,3 total 5 versus Mary Alice's Toughness of 6 (4+2armour) and the blow bounces off her thick leather coat.

Mary Alice: "I shoot this S.O.B!"
Mechanically: Shooting d6 and d6 for 5,5 versus his Parry of 6. Miss.

Pete: "I put a hole in this [bleep]er!"
Mechanically: Pete rolls his Shooting d8 and d6 for a 8,6.  Both ace for a total of 12 (8+4).  Success and raise versus the thug's 6 Parry.  Damage 2d6+1+1d6 for a total of 9 damage (4+3+1+1) versus the Extra's toughness of 6.  The Extra is shaken but not out.

GM: "You grazed him but didn't draw much blood.  He's still very much in the fight. Let's recap.  Jack's taken two wounds, Pete and Mary Alice are doing okay so far.  One thug is fine, two are down and one's shaken.  And then there's the Boss who's got a bead on... Mary Alice's head.  Let's deal'em..."
Mechanically: Jack 8S, Mary Alice 4S, Pete 3C, Group 2 KH, Boss 6H.

Round Three - Order - Group 2 (#3 Shaken), Jack (shaken, 1 wound), Boss, Mary Alice, Pete

Thug 3: Goes for a knockout on Jack and does a Wild Attack hoping to get a critical hit even though it's going to make him easier to hit.
Mechanically: By doing a Wild Attack thug 3 gains +2 Fighting and continues to get the Unarmed Defender bonus and Gang Up bonus.  Rolls Fighting a total of 9 versus Jack's Parry of 6.  Success.  Damage is Strength d6+d6 for a total of 7 versus Jack's toughness 7.  Success.  Jack's Shaken so he takes a wound and is out of bennies to try and soak them.

GM: "He's going to town on you Jack, take another one for the team."

Thug 4:
Follows his buddies lead and tries to put Jack down for the count.
Mechanically: Rolls his Fighting with the Unarmed Defender, Gang Up and Wild Attack bonuses (+2,+1,+2) for a total of 7 versus Jack's Parry of 7.  Since Jack's shaken this is another wound, putting Jack at 2 Wounds.

Jack: "Damn, what is it?  Someone tie a pork chop around my neck?  I put two rounds into Mongo here."
Mechanically: Rolls his Shooting and Wild and gets snake eyes 1,1.

GM: "Only as you pull the trigger do you realize that one of the cartridges from the last shot has stove piped Jack.  You'll need to spend a moment to clear the jam on your next round. If you make an Agility roll you'll be able to act normally but clearing it will count as an action.

Jack: "Son of... I tilt my head back and expose my jugular to make it easier on them."

Boss: "Snarls at you, 'Hard way it is then!' and then his pistol bellows forth its owner's anger in a orange red flame of death."
Mechanically: The boss has taken Aim at Pete which gives him a +2, double taps for an additional +1 and shoots for the head which is a -4. He rolls a 3 and 4 for a total of 3.  The GM spends a benny for him and tries again and gets a 5,5 for a 4 total which is a hit.  He rolls damage 2d6+1 with +1 for the double tap and +4 for the called shot to the head for a total of 18 damage... (3+6+3+1+1+4).  18 damage versus Pete's Toughness of 7 yields a success and two raises.  (18-7 = 11/4 = 2).

GM: "Pete the 45 careens off your skull."
Mechanically: Unless Pete soaks the damage he's going to be Shaken and take 2 wounds.

Pete: "I try and soak it."
Mechanically: Pete spends a benny to try to make a Vigor roll to soak the wound.   He rolls a d6 and a d6 for a 5 and a 1 which would reduce it to Shaken and 1 wound.  He decides to reserve his last Benny and take this result and hope he goes first in the next initiative order.

GM: "Okay you take one wound and are going to be Shaken."

Mary Alice: "I look behind the thug and scream 'Come over here and help us!' and then I put a 44 calibre lead filled invitation to die into one of the thugs."
Mechanically: She's attempting a Smarts trick to try and make it easier to hit the thug. Although this costs her a multi action penalty of -2 if it succeeds it'll cost the thug a -2 to his Parry until the thug can go again. That might help the others out and there's a chance she might go before the thug in the next round and get the benefit herself.  She rolls Smarts d8 and d6 for a 2,5 versus the thugs d4 for a 3.  Success, the thug now has -2 Parry.  She rolls her Shooting with a -2 penalty for the MAP versus the Thugs 4 Parry (6-2 from the Trick) and gets a 3,3 and misses.

Pete: "I put a bullet into the thug fighting Mary since he's not adjacent and I get to shoot at a 4."
Mechanically: Pete has 1 wound so he's at -1.  He rolls his shooting die d8 and d6 for a 4 , 6 which aces to a 8 total versus the TN of 4.  Success and raise.  Thug #4 is Shaken and takes a wound and expires.

GM: "Let's see where we are, Pete has a wound, Jack has two, Mary Alice is still unscratched, the thugs are down to #3 who's Shaken and the Boss. Pete and Mary Alice both have a Benny.  And next round we end up with..."
Mechanically: Everyone is dealt a card [NOTE: This is being written at a different time and the deck has been reshuffled as a result.].  Jack 6C, Mary QS, Pete QC, Group 2 4D, Boss 3C.  The Boss has the Quick edge and pulls the 4S, 3S, 4H and finally a 6D as a result.

Round Four - Order - Mary, Pete, Boss, Jack, Group 2

Mary Alice: "I put my last bullet into the guy attacking Jack."

GM: "Before you do that I'm going to spend a Benny and he's going to get rid of his Shaken status."

Mary Alice: "Ass.  I drop prone here which should give me cover from the head monkey and then I put a slug into his chest, he's going down and then we deal with monkey boy."
Mechanically: She rolls Shooting d6 and d6 for a 3,6 which aces for a 9 total versus a 4.  Success and a raise.  Damage is 2d6+1+1d6 for a total of 8 damage versus the thugs toughness of 6.  Success and he's re-Shaken.

Pete: "I finish him off before he can hit Jack again."
Mechanically: Rolls shooting d8 and d6 and gets an 8,6.  After acing the total is 11 versus 4.  Success and a raise.  Damage is 2d6+1+1d6 for a total of 9 vs 6.  Success and since the thug was already Shaken he goes down.

GM: "I'm going to spend a GM Benny to have him try and soak."
Mechanically: GM spends one of his 'anyone' Bennies to try and keep the Thug up.  Rolls Vigor d8 for a 3 versus 4.  Thug doesn't make it...

Jack: "Boooyah!  Your turn next fatso!"

Boss: "He drops back behind the car and you can hear him swearing and the rustle of movement before his head and pistol pop out by the front of the car.  His pistol belches fire once, twice at Jack."
Mechanically: He moved his pace at a crouch to get around the front of the car where he has a better shot at Jack.  Shooting yields a 1,2.  He spends a WC Benny and tries again, 2,2.  +1 for the double tap for a 3 total is a miss.  The GM has one last Benny and decides to save it for a soak roll.

GM: "Round recap puts pretty much the same except we're a thug shorter.  Jack has 2 wounds, Pete has 1, Mary Alice and the Boss are doing well. Let's draw cards."
Mechanically: Jack 2D, Mary Alice Red Joker, Pete 5C, Boss AS.

Round Five - Order - Mary Alice, Boss, Pete, Jack

Mary Alice: "Sweeet, I go in front of the monkey.  I need to reload my pistol, how does that work?"

GM: "Since your pistol has essentially a speed loader it's an action for you.  Speed loaders, clips, magazines etc are one action.  A single round is a free action or you can reload half your agility die in single rounds as an action."

Mary Alice: "I reload and then shoot him.  He's still go cover right?"

GM: "Yes, from your prone position you can go for his legs/feet where you can see them under the car.  You actually have a better shot than someone standing up since it's only medium cover for you."

Mary Alice: "Cool, I put a bullet into whatever I can see."
Mechanically: Shooting d6 and d6 for a 6,5.  Total after acing and penalties is 6.  Success vs 4.  Damage is 2d6+1 for a total of 8 versus the Bosses 8.  Success and the boss is Shaken.

"He tries to recover the bullet that just burned a hole through his calf."
Mechanically: The boss is Shaken so he makes a Spirit d6 and d6 to try and recover for a 3,4.  Success but he loses this round.

Pete: "I drop my pistol, grab one of the many melee weapons laying around and move to the car and slid over the hood and smash it into his skull."

GM: "Cool, pull this off and you got a Benny.  So dropping pistol is free, grab is an action, make an Agility roll and it'll be a free action, the move is within your pace so that's free.  So, make an Agility roll and you can make the attack without penalty, get a 1 and you end your turn there trying to grab it."
Mechanically: In the interests of Cool the GM is rewarding the player with a chance to make the attack without a multi action penalty but with the downside that if he fails with a 1 on his trait roll he was just too clumsy and actually knocked the weapon to the side and has to scramble for it costing him his turn.

Pete: "I'm going to put a General Lee style slide to it."
Mechanically: Rolls Agility d8 and d6 for a 4,1.  Success! (since the 1 was the wild die and not the trait).  He reaches the car and makes an Fighting attack d10 and d6 for a 10,3.  The 10 aces for a total of 16.  Success and a raise against the boss.  Damage is strength d8+d4+d6 for a 8, 4, 1.  The 8 and 4 ace for 7,4.  The four aces again for a 2.  Total is 8+4+7+4+2+1 or 26 damage versus 8 toughness.  Success and 4 raises.  (26-8 = 18/4 = 4)

GM: "You scoop up a club as you dart across the garage and hop up on the hood of the car, sliding on your ass you drop down next to the boss and bring the club around in a 2 handed swing!  The boss tries to block some of the blow...."
Mechanically: GM spends his last benny for the boss.  Vigor d8 and d6 for a 4,5.  He soaks one wound but that leaves 3 wounds to go...

GM: "With a hollow thunking noise the bosses head snaps to the side and his eyes roll up as he slumps to the floor."

The GM rolls Vigor rolls for the Thugs and 2 of them have died from their wounds but 2 are alive although unconscious.  The boss rolls a success with a raise thanks to an aced vigor check and recovers consciousness fairly quickly.

GM: "This guy and this one have seen their last sunset.  These two, although they're unconscious will probably survive the fight especially if they get some medical care.  The boss very quickly rouses even though the side of his face is already turning interesting shades of purple and he doesn't seem to be tracking very well."

Players: [Typical player babble as they survey the wreckage, bullet holes, dead bodies, bleeding bodies and gunsmoke...]

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CATS Podcast Episode 14 – Part 3

Posted by Dennis

Episode 14, part 3 of the Key Our Cars group's 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons podcast gameplay session.

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CATS Podcast Episode 14 – Part 2

Posted by Dennis

Episode 14, part 2 of the Key Our Cars group's 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons podcast gameplay session.

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CATS Podcast Episode 14 – Part 1

Posted by Dennis

Episode 14, part 1 of the Key Our Cars group's 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons podcast gameplay session.

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CATS Podcast Episode 13 – Part 3

Posted by Dennis

Episode 13, part 3 of the Key Our Cars group's 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons podcast gameplay session.

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CATS Podcast Episode 13 – Part 2

Posted by Dennis

Episode 13, part 2 of the Key Our Cars group's 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons podcast gameplay session.

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CATS Podcast Episode 13 – Part 1

Posted by Dennis

Episode 13, part 1 of the Key Our Cars group's 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons podcast gameplay session.

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CATS Podcast Episode 12 – Part 3

Posted by Dennis

Episode 12, part 3 of the Key Our Cars group's 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons podcast gameplay session.

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CATS Podcast Episode 12 – Part 2

Posted by Dennis

Episode 12, part 2 of the Key Our Cars group's 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons podcast gameplay session.

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CATS Podcast Episode 12 – Part 1

Posted by Dennis

Episode 12, part 1 of the Key Our Cars group's 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons podcast gameplay session.

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CATS Podcast Episode 11 – Part 3

Posted by Dennis

Episode 11, part 3 of the Key Our Cars group's 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons podcast gameplay session.

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