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About Dennis

Just a little something about me. I'm old.  As you may have picked up if you read the FAQ.  I've been DM'ing for a very long time and yes I started with the old boxed set and yes I did have a copy of Chainmail although to be honest I never played it.

Since then I've tried most RPG games that have come down the pike although not all by any means.  And by tried I don't necessarily mean played but for a large part I did. For many though it was simply a read through of the manual(s) and then some basic play testing which is vastly different from playing.

I've also been involved in 3D as a hobby going all the way back to a text based ray trace program on the Amiga computer.  Then Sculpt4d, Silver and Turbo Silver, LIghtwave, 3D Studio for DOS, Studio Max for windows, Maya, Houdini, Softimage, and some others that I'm drawing a blank on. I'm old remember and memory is the second thing to go.

I've gotten married, twice, along the way although I'm perfectly happy with wife number two who's given me three good kids.  All boys and a set of twins in there as well.  You can see some of the things she's doing over at our 'home' site of  When I set that up a) was already taken and b) I thought the us would make it sound like of like the dollinses.

I'm a top level support in IT and have been for more years than I care to think about.  Lets just say that I still have my Windows For Workgroups 3.11 floppies somewhere.  Currently I'm working for a very large company that you'd instantly recognize the name, no matter who you are or where you're from (with some country exceptions most likely).  It's a new gig for me as of now (5/2008) but it's a whole lot better than my old job of two years as a IT Outsource Support.  Which was a horrible place to work but hey like Dice says, "I needed the money." not that it paid very well at all.  But when you have a wife and three kids who like to eat and all that you do what you have to.

I'm a fair hand with gaming in general, DM'ing/GM'ing, anything computer related, carpentry, cooking (I make a mean all day soup), 3D graphics, general handyman work, I can wire a house, frame a wall, put up sheetrock, put down flooring, install plumbling.  And I'm an excellent marksman.  So I'm not your average Tim Taylor nor Poindexter but the best of both.

Heh, this sounds like it should be on a e-Harmony entry or something doesn't it?  But no I'm taken girls.  And boys for that matter, remind me some day to tell you about the gay musical I went to with a girlfriend and what happened at the party afterwards.

So if the Zombies rise I'm still useful so don't outrun me in spite of my age.

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  1. Hey Dennis,

    You’re work is quite intriguing, I’m a fan of board games and rpgs (though not terribly well versed in the latter) and I love to see work done with Vassal. What I’d really love is to get a copy of your LNOE vassal module. I purchased the game but after having moved across the country I can’t play with the same group anymore, nor do I really think scanning everything in is something I want to do.

    But hey, I get that you aren’t allowed to distribute it. I don’t know if sending it out to personal people rather than a public link is allowed, so I figured I’d ask (long shot, but would be great to be able to play). My email is if you’re interested in helping me out, but I don’t blame you if you feel you can’t. Thanks for your time.

  2. Dennis,

    I read your ‘About Dennis’ page, and we have a lot in common – I’ve been playing RPGs since 1980, been married twice, and have 5 wonderful kids. I also work a good-paying job, but only for the money – a necessity, not a source of joy/fulfillment.

    So I’m hoping to get a copy of your LNOE Vassal module. I own 6 Flying Frog products, including 4 LNOE products, so I’m not looking to cheat them out of anything – I do have the unfortunate situation that I only get to see 2 of my daughters (from my first marriage) part of the year, the rest of the year they are overseas with their mother – they love LNOE, it would be great to be able to play with them. Let me know if you can help me out.

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