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Mar 26

Masterplan Def Bug Update

I’ve just seen a post on the Masterplan facebook discussions that the bug with imported defenses will be fixed with Masterplan 8.5.  Hopefully this will be out before next weekend. A big thumbs up to the developer(s) of the program.

Mar 23

Masterplan Bug With Custom Creatures

I’ve posted on the masterplan facebook about a rather painful bug with Masterplan and custom monsters and it’s important enough that I thought it should get as wide a notice as possible. Defenses on custom monsters are invariably screwed up.  Typically if you have NO modified defenses on a creature that you import from the …

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Mar 05

Word Macro for creature printing

Not sure how anyone else is doing this but I though I’d share as I know one person at least that does something similar to what I do. I use the Monster Builder to create the player’s foes and then use the Export as Rich Text in the app to get the data.  I paste …

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Jan 27

Taint System

Tainted Warrior

Found an interesting document about Taint which is similar to the Chaos of say Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying Game.  I was looking for some mechanics to help simulate exposure to the places and creatures of Darkmith and found this link.  There’s no author’ship noted anywhere so I can’t give any credit.  If you happen to know …

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Dec 29

4E Status Markers


I won’t say I came up with this idea, cause I didn’t but I thought I’d show these around.  I picked up a sheet of foam core $2, a roll of 1″ magnetic strip $3, a bag of 12″ sticks $2 and black magic marker $3 and some plain ol elmer’s glue and fashioned these …

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Dec 19

Trivial Combat Drain System


[D’oh.  There is a similar kind of thing that you can find here by GreyScott.  Different from mine but the spirit is the same.  I like mine better but then I like my kids a lot more than other people’s kids so that’s not unexpected.] Barring dungeon crawls I don’t really do trivial encounters, that …

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Dec 19

Steampunk In Fantasy

Clockwork Rifle

Found this post and it’s one of the better alternates for adding guns to a fantasy world that I’ve come across, not OP like many or just horrible implementations like some [the one that every shot creates a cloud of smoke cover, I’m looking in your direction, as well as the ones with a random …

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Nov 28

Swamp Walker


Created this little gem of a guy that you could use if you like.  He’s designed for a swamp but it coulde a Woods Walker almost as well, just reskin the obvious powers into a basic force blast of some kind.  Maybe dust or dirt or leaves or whatever. You can grab a copy of …

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Nov 23

Runty Hill Giant

Hill Giant Runt

Came up with this as a possible encounter for a group of level 4-5 level 3 characters.  [Disclaimer with the house rules I use this is an actually viable encounter creature even though it’s 7 levels higher than the group, your mileage may vary.] This is just an example of tweaking an existing creature.  I …

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Nov 11

Against the Slavers – Creatures


Someone asked so here you go.  THese are the creatures I created for last week’s sessions, they all weren’t deployed.  They’re designed versus a level 1 party with 5 members. Â  The encounters ranged from around 750xp budget to  1200xp for the ‘boss’ level encounter budget.  There are six possible encounters, they bypassed one from good …

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Oct 19

Your character wants a what? Where?!

Decoration or weapon?

Piercings and Tattoo’s for fantasy characters?  Magical piercings and tatoos?  WTH?! That’s just about the du… Hmmm you know that might actually work… This thought train this morning was put into motion by the Tattoo’s and Piercing’s article over here.  My first ‘visual’ was one of the demons that escaped from Hell in the TV …

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Oct 16

Community Resource Netbook

Random Image

Saw a tweet that lead me to a post that re-acquainted me with a netbook for 4th edition. I have a much earlier copy but the current version has no less than 500+ pages of community created content for 4th edition, classes, feats, paragon paths, monsters, gear and phat lewtz and all that. Highly recommended …

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Oct 12

Player Bonus Cards

Sample Card

I’ve been meaning to make these and finally got around to finishing them up.  They’re Player Bonus Cards much like the official RPGA ones (and some ideas were based on those cards obviously).  Other ideas come from this article which I’d posted about before. This is the first draft and doesn’t include any ‘cursed’ cards.  …

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Oct 11

Masterplan Bump

Combat Sample

Just realized through a very roundabout way that I don’t have any mention of Masterplan on here.  (I was looking for the link to see if there was a recent update and my search came up empty on my site.  There is an update BTW). Anyway it’s a campaign planner, has DDI integration, map maker …

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Oct 01

KOC Nerfer


Okay just in case anyone else is remotely interested I’ve uploaded the KOC Nerfer to the site.  Here’s the included Read Me below. This is based on my thoughts on House Rules that are intended to make the game more fun (better hit rate for both sides), less draggy (increased damage), monsters are able to …

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Oct 01

Community ‘Delves’

White Dragon

Found a pretty cool thread that hopefully keeps going on Enworld.  Various DM’s are ‘rating’ encounters they have put up against their players and giving the specifics and how they turned out. Makes for some really good idea fostering since they’re easily ‘consumed’ and aren’t burdened with giant blocks of stats and all that so …

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Sep 21

Zombie Mall Skill Challenge

Zombie Dad

I found a thread well worth using since it involves Zombies. The Zombipocalypse is a subject near and dear to my heart after all. This involves a group of high school kids getting past the crowds of zombies and into the safety of a shopping mall.  Obviously this is a modern setting but it could …

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Sep 19

Custom Undead

Hanged One

These are the undead that I’m going to use in my house rules test.  Someone wanted them and I do try to be reasonably obliging. You can use the images below or you can down the pdf’s , , , .  I’m also using the new Export function of the Monster Builder and you can …

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Sep 17

Swarm template


Just thought I might want to look at this again sometime although it’s pretty common sense. The Vulnerability 10 should be modified I believe to scale with tier, 5 for heroic, 10 for paragon, 15 for epic or something along those lines.  +10 damage at level 1 from an at-will like Scorching Burst would pretty …

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Sep 14

Initiative Order and Status Tokens

Artistic Mockup

I’ve knocked up some PDF’s for my own use.  These include a sheet of initiative cards and a few sheets of status tokens. The idea is to print and cut these out and then fold them in half. Â  Fill out both sides of the initiative cards, one side that faces the players only has a …

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