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Print Spares!

Fairly imporant, in my opinion, tip.  If you have a printer that has printed parts.  Print spares.  Of everything.

Of course breaking a part may lead you to make something better if you have the stuff to do it but still have spares.

Case in point, my Z axis end stop broke.  It's hard to zero a printer when the thing that tells it when to stop is broken.   I tried gluing back it together, no go.  I tried heating and smushing backing together.  No go.

Well crap.

But I had some 1/8" by 1/2" bar stock so bent one end at 90 degree angle of about the right length.  I then cut it off at the right overall length.

I drilled and tapped a m5x8 hole in the short section and two 1/4" holes in the long section that matched up with the pieces of the printed part.

A little grinding on a bench grinder to put the necessary screw relief in place and I'm back in business.

I'm printing a couple of spares now but I don't know yet if I'll leave the steel one in place or swap it out with a printed one.

I'm also printing them with 3 shells, layers and 50% infill in PETG.  The original seems to have been 2 and 10% and in ABS.   Not the strongest print in the world.

Anyway, if there are breakable parts on your printer then have spares.  It'll save you some grief.

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