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Zombicide module I played…

So after a partial day of polish on the Zombicide module I made for Vassal I played the tutorial mission with it a couple of times to kick the tires.

First attempt was total disaster.  My heroes couldn't hit for nothing and when I broken into the objective house I spawned a Fatty in every room.  Fatties come with two walkers and take two damage to kill.  The hero who came up with the fireaxe at game start had it snatched away by a zombie who also bit him.  (Snatched equipment vanishes into the nether)

This left me with no options but to retreat back to the starting point and start searching.   This reveals to me another house rule that I tried for game two.   i.e. searching a room places a Searched token on it.  Search it again and it flips over to a Searched Out token.  But for game 1 we had infinite searches but before we could ome up with any weapon that could take out a Fatty those fatties and their mooks showed up and ate everyone. Note you can only search 'once' per turn by RAW.  Each turn means the zed are one zone closer.

In short the heroes got eaten.

Game two (after some more polish to the module) went better.  WIth the 2 search limit per room we had to head out once we'd searched the building clean coming up with nothing much better than our starting gear by the way although the hero with the frying pan did upgrade to board with a nail in it.

This time Amy couldn't miss with her pistol and she kept the roads clean for us so the others could move toward the other house.

With Nick opening the door we got lucky and there were only 3 walkers inside scattered between the four rooms.

Although a Fatty did wander in from the street side, Ned took care of him with the fire axe after Amy cleaned up his minions.  Then we got two no spawn cards in a row.  This gave everyone time to get into the building and to the objective to win the game.

When luck is on your side you can play fast and loose and take chances.  When luck is not on your side you have to take it more careful and methodical but with the knowledge that every turn you spend not getting to your objective means more and more zed are being attracted to all the noise you're making.

Below is a screenshot from mid game, right after we opened the objective house.  And the end turn where we all make it to the objective as more zed are about to pour into the house.

The zoom level is 33% to get everything on my tablets small screen at the same time.  This map is only two tiles.  Most maps are 4 to 6 tiles or even more tiles. There's only one end of zombie turn spawn point while other missions may have multiples and each spawn points gets its own spawn card.    And each room in each building that you break into gets its own spawn card.

And any time zombies have two or more targets to go after you have to add enough extra zombies to make sure they split up evenly...

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  1. Its definitely one of the better zombie board games.

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