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Game Design WTH moment –  

I thought this might be good for a laugh for someone, especially anyone that thinks about design while they're doing things that prohibit them taking notes.

I spend the time from and to work primarily listening to podcasts of actual play sessions and/or thinking about game mechanics.  Listening to podcasts of people playing and making comments about how they like or don't like their system of choice is always a good source for ideas.

Unfortunately I tend to forget my ideas when I get to my destination since there's always something there that's demanding my attention.

So I've started using voice recognition on my phone to send emails to myself.

Today it ended up being particularly WTF -

"So you can run on your turn to change 2 suns um but when you do run all your actions are in pairs making a milli a tag at the end of your run can you damage is bruised so charge your phone is fucked hard I don't know if we should be around with this I'm running running should make it harder for you to eat it and that should also work well to up hello so players are the ones are going to be running so we don't...."  - The remaining text was lost in transmission.

The translation of that when cleaned up and made sense of is the following which was primarily about charging which I like because it's very cinematic.  I had a charge rule for KO but this I think is more refined actiony and allows greater narrative freedom while at the same keeping players from charging around like loons every turn:_

On a character's turn one of their actions is to move around the scene.  This can be done either as a normal move or a Charge.

With a Normal move the character move from one zone to another zone or move freely about their current zone.  They may also use it to Engage any other creature in their Close zone.

Alternatively the character may Charge. In order to Charge the character must be able to act and move normally, not be Rooted, Impaired, etc.  With a charge they can traverse two zones.  For example to move from Long range to Short range to Personal range.

Note: It is fully permissible to use Charge when Engaged with a target to charge another target or by moving away into Short range and then forward again into Personal the current target.  This movement of course is subject to the usual Attack of Opportunity mechanics triggered by leaving a hostile creature's Personal space.

Charging Impairs your Contest rolls until the start of your next turn.  If your roll is already Impaired, for example by making two attacks or using a Massive weapon, then it's also Handicapped.

Any Melee attack made at the end of a Charge has its damage dice pool automatically Bumped.   Attacks made 'en passant' before the end of the Charge do not get the damage Bump.

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  1. Sounds like a cool turn based game. Isometric? Grid movement? Map instances?

  2. This is for a RPG I'm currently designing, trying to find the perfect balance/system for the people I play with between too much 'stuff'  and too few mechanical options.   Designing RPG's has been a hobby of mine for… hell 30 years now since I created a post-apocalyptic game system back in 1983'ish.

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