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Podcast of the FFG Star Wars Edge of the Empire beta rpg

There is a serious 'gotcha' with the system to me (aside from setting).  This is that the system is being released like the Dragon Age where the first book will only get you levels x-x, then you have to wait an expected year after release to get levels x-x and then yet another year to get levels x-x.  Kind of like Dragon age gave you levels 1-5 in the first release, 6-10 in the next release and then finally 11-20 in the last release.

I just prefer having a complete core system myself.

You can get a free (FFG wants $5 for their smart phone apps) dice rolling app here since you can't buy the dice yet although you could mark up a big set of existing dice (6's, 8's, 10's, 12's from what I can understand).

Just to note, you cannot buy into the beta at this time.  All the beta copies are sold so looking at the free adventure -

or listening to a podcast is the only way to learn anything significant about the system.

Based on what I've picked up the dice mechanic is kind of like Elder Scrolls or Zombie Dice dice.  Each die has a set of symbols on it with your basic +'s or -'s ala Fate/Fudge.   The success and failure symbols cancel each other out until there's one type or the other are left over.  That dictates your success or failure at the quest.   Some dice types have a higher percentage of successes or failures on them depending on if they're good or bad dice.   Exactly like the Red / Yellow dice in Scrolls/Zombie.

Additionally there are special symbols that are designed to encourage effects that aren't flat success and failure.

I had to laugh out loud, the dark side / light side mechanic they use is exactly the same thing I use in Karma Opposed.   i.e. when the players spend their light side force points (i.e. Bennies, Hero, Plot, Fate chips) the GM gets them to spend for the non-player characters.   Then when the GM spends them, they go back to the players.   I don't randomize them the way that EotE does.

But the dice mechanic is interesting, I'd have to do the math to see what the chances of success for the player are on various combinations to see where it breaks but the mechanic is certainly non-genre specific and could power other settings.

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Star Wars: Edge of the Empire - Dice Roller | Daemonstorm
With the release of Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) latest RPG, Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, comes another need for some players. The game system uses its own custom dice with unique symbols to handle th...

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  1. The dice symbols –   

    From what I can surmise purple, black and red are the 'bad dice'.  The death star thing is a failure (-'s), the throwing star is a special failure with one uber special failure on the red die.   

    The good dice are the greens, yellows, blues.  With the Explosion = success (+'s), the thing that looks like the outline of elvis with sideburns and an open pie hole are the special successes and with one thundercat ho looking symbol as an uber special. 

    FYI the player rolls all the dice, good and bad.  The GM determines how many bad dice they have in their roll based on how difficult the roll is.

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