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KO Math 

The current game mechanics for melee combat for KO (falling somewhere between a dice almost don't matter narrative system and a count the squares take 4 hours to level up system) are coming up fairly balanced between two otherwise identical melee fighters.  The system currently uses d6/d12/d20 or potentially a d6/d10/d20 system, the d12's give a little better 'feel' than the d10's although the d10's give slightly better balancing numbers.

After creating my own deadliest warrior simulation, after 10,000 fights (small enough to be fast, big enough to work around random skews) I get this with d12's between warriors A and B.

It's also balanced reasonably well between the heavy tank and the dex monkey with the needle like rapier.  Currently the intended advantage of being heavily armored up is granting you the ability to be a meat sack, a fight between a Dread Pirate Roberts and a Fezzik is still balanced but the fight will take roughly 2.5 times longer.

The guy wielding the 2 Handed weapon is always a slight underdog but it could be balanced by allowing slightly better/different focuses when they hit with it.

A 1H + Shield vs B 2 Hand
Player A Win %53  (5342)
Player B Win %46  ( 4658)

A 1H+Shield vs B Dual Wield
Player A Win %50  (5017)
Player B Win %49  ( 4983)

A Dual Wield vs B 2 Hand
Player A Win %55  (5522)
Player B Win %44  ( 4478)

The system may or may not support advanced weapons, specifically fully automatic firearms and heavy damage weapons like shotguns and large calibre rifles which are always a PITA to try and balance unless your system  heavily enforces ammo limits and carrying capacities etc. If you're not counting ammo and taking actions to change clips/mags then why would you go for a Glock 17 when you could have a Glock 33 as a Just in Case?   I prefer a system to offer choices rather than 'no brainers' or worse 'you're an idjit if you don't take this' when it comes to gear.

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