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Game Math – 13th Age

Note that there are ancillary benefits that aren't accounted for here.  Fighters are harder to hurt with higher armour and deeper health reserves.  Casters have other tricks than pure damage etc or attack alternate lower defenses, clerics have the ability to heal their damage giving them longer life spans during a fight.

Some preliminary melee damage number simulations using level 1 characters with the exception that the Ranger had to spend a class talent to get the 'roll a second attack on any even roll on the first attack'.    Basic dual wield allows a second attack roll only on a 2.  Ranger talent allows a second attack on any even roll when dual wielding.  This is roughly a 25% damage boost by itself making it a must have in terms of power gaming.

The Rogue entry spent a Talent to pick up Lethal which increases crit range to 18+ (this adds 30% more damage FYI for a single talent expenditure which makes it a must have again from the power gaming perspective).  And the numbers reflect that the rogue is always assisting another ally against a target so they always get their sneak damage.

All weapons used in the simulation are 1d8's (even the rogue's short sword is a 1d8 for them) except the 2 handed stats which are a 1d10, the largest damage die weapon in the system at the moment.  There are other sized weapons, the 1d4 and the 1d6 but they offer no mechanical advantages to using them although for many classes (i.e. casters) a 1d6 is the best they can use without taking 10% attack roll penalty for a 25% damage boost.

Sneak damage is a bonus 1d10 when the rogue attacks a character that's already engaged with someone else.

Versus a AC 15 (Arbitrary number)
Base Dual Wield Stats:
Hits: 26489     Ratio: 0.26489
Damage per turn: 1.43824
2's rolled: 5080
Rogue with Lethal Talent and Assumed Sneak Damage Wield Stats:
Hits: 26275     Ratio: 0.26275
Damage per turn: 3.33512
2's rolled: 5027
Ranger Talent Dual Wield Stats:
Hits: 25012     Ratio: 0.25012
Damage per turn: 1.95777
Evens: 50064
Single Wield Stats:
Hits: 24932     Ratio: 0.25012
Damage per turn:  1.34493
2 Hand Stats:
Hits: 25108     Ratio: 0.25108
Damage per turn: 1.65612

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