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H Wards

Mechanics -

In a clever play on stat initials the light system I came up with between 1 and 4 in the morning Monday because I wasn't feeling well is called H Wards. The name is based solely on the resources available to each player, Hero, War, Awesomeness, Research, Deception, Social.

I had some time while being sick yesterday and not working to knock out the basics of the rule set and run a quick internal playtest. That played out well enough to me that I spent more time on it at least.

Each resource corresponds to things other than the obvious.
H ero is the 'catch all' and covers everything to some degree and provides a base dice pool for the heroes to be... well heroic.
W ar covers physical strength and fortitude, athletics and gross body control.
A wesomeness is the areas of physical grace and coordination, acrobatics, fine body control and the like.
R esearch is the mental areas, intellect, problem solving, awareness/perceptions.
D eception is things like stealth, burglary, sleight of hand, lying.
S ocial covers empathy, charisma, diplomacy, human engineering.

Players set a Goal and the Director determines if there's a Obstacle to that goal and how much of an Obstacle it is. If there is an non-gimmie level of difficulty to the Obstacle then there's a Contest involved in the current Scene.

Contests burn resources so the Director has to keep that in mind and not require the players to roll for crap like climbing on top of a skeletal dragon that was sent to bring them to the manor house. *eye rolling*

Scenes can involve a single zone or multiple zones and participants can move between zones through the use of being Heroic.

The players elect a Star to lead the Contest (assuming more than one player is in the Scene). Everyone present in a Scene must take the Star roll before someone can take it twice.
The Star chooses which resources to deploy of the resources they possess. The type of resource frames the narration.
They can call upon the others to join in as a Supporting Cast but supporting is very much a sacrifice. Support people get none of the good effects of the contest and all of the bad ones.
Dice are rolled and then we count successes and determine which resource dominated the narration. The winner gets to narrate the results, again framed in the context of the resources involved.

The type of resource that dominates the results have further implications beyond the simple 'who won' the Contest.

There are some other mechanics in flux right now but those are the bulk of the basics.

Setting -

The name evoked the setting (very non-original) which is about Wardens who oversee the H Wards or Hell Wards. These folks are a cross between the Winchesters, Warehouse 13, the Stonecutters and MiB. They are a group of men and women who operate outside the law around the world and many times at cross purposes to it engaging in their ages old following. Which comes down to keeping the darker things in the world from destroying it. After all, it's where they keep all their stuff.

If caught/arrested for doing the things they have to do, there is no one to bail them out. If they appear to be about to turn on the Warden's then nasty, very nasty things happen to them to keep them quiet and anyone they talked to.

Lee Harvey was a Warden.

The setting is not much more than the above paragraphs at the moment. Just not enough time to do everything I want to do.

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  1. I should add, the "Fortunately/Unfortunately" mechanic is courtesy of my sons (7/7/9) and is one of our dinner time table games.

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