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My Touch/Gaming Table

Just a short video of my table in action.  I got the lasers calibrated this weekend.  Still needs some carpentry work to lock down the U channel that keeps any stray laser light from leaking off the edge of the table.


It's based on Laser Light Plane technology or LLP and I'm using 4 x 850nm IR lasers, one in each corner that use a beam spreader to convert the laser dot into a 120 arc of IR light.   This is project just above the surface which is two sheets of polycarbanite and a sheet of vellum sandwiched between them as a projection surface.  I've tried other surfaces and broke ass cheap vellum is by far the best on the 'reasonable' side of things.   Sure you could go with the $40 a foot projection film/acrylics and get superiour results but on a cost effective basis I'll take my $2 sheet of vellum any day.

When objects intersect the laser field, they're first cut in half like in Resident Evil no wait, that would be cool but they're not.  What really happens is the laser light hits the object and then reflects off it.  That reflected light shoots off the object and a good chunk of it goes down into the interior of the table where it's picked up by a PS3 EyeToy camera with a custom lens and that has had the IR filter removed and a visible light filter added that filters out everything but the laser light.

This creates bright blobs in the camera view and a couple of pieces of software turn those blobs of light into something that act like mouse cursors.

The image is just Microsoft's Surface Globe app that comes with their Surface SDK kit.

The primary use of the table should be pretty obvious.

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