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Gaming Table Update

I've decided to switch to using IR Lasers to make a LLP or Laser Light Plane style table.  I'm just unable to get IR LED's to work the way I want them to due to the size of the table.

The LLP method should work and is cheap enough to experiment with to see if it does and if the experiment works then I can pick up a couple more frickin' lasers to make it a fully functional massively multi-touch.

I've got a couple of 10mw IR lasers in the mail somewhere on their way to me that are in the 850nm range.  I could have gone with the cheaper 780nm lasers but I already have a camera that filters for 850 and 850 works better with ambient light and allows for lower wattage lasers.

I'm doodling with how to set them up so that they can be adjusted for pitch/roll/yaw and remain 'locked' in after finding the right setting.

If these work then I can also pick up a sheet of tempered glass to put on top of the table surface to use as the touch surface.  Glass is easier to clean and way less scratchable than arcylic is.

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