Jul 01

Crutchfield Electronics

I just wanted to give a thumbs up to Crutchfield Electronics.  I own a 12 year old Saturn and the radio leaves a little to be desired when it comes to getting input from something other than the OTA or cassettes.

So a friend recommended Crutchfield.  I checked them out and while they don’t have the best prices they’re competitive and it’s a one stop shop.

In my case, I put in the make and model of my car and they gave me a list of stereos that worked.  I selected one and got, for free, the adapter to use the OEM harness, the adapter to use the OEM antannae and a new dash insert to replace the existing insert which is an oddball shape.   Did I mention all that was free…

On top of that I also got free shipping and placing the order on a Monday afternoon I received it Thursday.  I recieved an email when it shipped with U.P.S. tracking number and another email when it was delivered.

When I opened the box I found all the components inside, along with a neatly stapled set of about 10 pages printed front to back which included my invoice, some coupons for discounts, detailed instructions on how to remove the old radio and replace it, and although I didn’t buy new speakers, I also got detailed instructions on how to replace all the speakers in the car.  Completely with diagrams.

Installation was simple, I matched the wires from the OEM adapter to the receiver, soldered and shrink-wrapped the connections, pretty standard.    Went out to the car and followed the step by step on how to remove the dash cover, the factory radio then followed the instructions on putting in.  [Disclaimer:  I technicaly didn't need these I've had to disassemble my dash before so I could get access to the gear shift mechanism and the Saturn isn't exactly rocket science to take apart to begin with.]

FYI: You also get free tech support on your installation if you need it.  Did you hear that? FREE…

Turned the key and blammo, I was listening to music.

Anyway, start to finish it was perhaps an hour job, most of that was connecting the wires since I soldered them and shrink wrapped them.  Someone that uses wire nuts or clips could have gone faster.

All in all I’m going to have to give this company a 10 out of 10.   I’m very impressed.

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