Jun 30

Applying A Screen Protector

As I browse tech forums I see this a lot, “I applied the cover and there’s only one small dust speck! Go me!” or “My cover is filled with bubbles. :( “.

Here’s a simple trick that will let you apply the typical screen protector on anything, phone, tablet, laptop etc within reason.

1) Turn on your shower on hot and close the bathroom door.   This is critical to having the best chance to get a first time right dust free cover placement.   The humidity causes the dust particles in the air to fall out rather than float around.

2) While you wait, get a roll of cellophane (scotch type) tape.  Peel off a couple of lengths and make loops out of them sticky side out, big enough that they’ll fit over your fingers.

3) Clean your device screen.

4) Get your windex (or the spray bottle it came with), your tape loops, your device and your cover.   Not all screen protectors come with these or need it.

5) Move all that crap to the bathroom which should be nice and steamy by this time.

6) If you’re using a liquid then slightly spray your fingers and peel off the sticky side of the cover, spraying it as you go.

7) Spray the screen of your device and then slide the cover onto it, the best option is to get it straight the first time.  Start by laying one edge of the protector along the edge of the screen and then by bowing the protector you can ‘walk’ a line of contact down the screen.

8) Check for fit and dust.  You can tell dust because if you press on it with a finger it won’t go away and if you have sensitive fingers you can actually feel the bump it’s making.   Peel back the cover and with a loop of tape on your finger press the tape against the cover and the screen at the location, it’s almost always on the cover BTW.   Now roll it back down and the dust should be gone.

9) Use a firm but not excessive force to squeegee the worst of the bubbles from the center out to the edges.  Micro bubbles will clear up on their own over 24 hours typically.

10) Enjoy your protected, bubble and dust free device.

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