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Blender Update 6/24/2011

Some minor additions that have come up from play testing and general reverie -

Added the ability to created an area that generates an alarm of some kind when an object enters the area to Environmental Effects.  By rights it should probably be a function of the Warding power I suppose but I want the EE power to be more desirable. EE as it stands now, allows the energy user to change the lighting or visibility or temperature of an area.  In a fantasy setting the most common flavor text would be that the energy user summons minor elementals to achieve the effect and such a flavor text works well to create a minor elemental that sits and watches the area for danger.

I'm also vaccilating on the base target number.  At one time I was considering coming up with just having a single roll which would in effect be the damage value which would range from zero damage (i.e. a miss) to maximum damage (i.e. a critical) but I couldn't figure out a way to do it well enough using any of the standard RPG dice.   The idea is that you 'hit' every round but the true measure of your effectiveness is based on how much damage you were able to generate.

Hey it's no worse than making one attack roll for every 6 seconds or whatever arbitrary unit of time the typical round is set to.  If you've ever been in a fight you know you make a butt load more attacks than one a every six seconds.

It's simply a way to abstract out combat and movement and space the possible damage out over time so that going first isn't an "I Win!" button.

Anyway, as usual I digress.  Back to the Target Numbers.  Right now I've settled, again, on 13 as the base TN to indicate a success.  That yields an average success rate on 3d8 of around 70% for a character with the bare minimum training (skill = 0).   Given that it's possible to 'miss' due to a crappy damage roll I believe I need to aim higher than the standard 60-70% that some pundits have put out as the best percentage.    A starting character can have as high as a +4 in a skill but it's limited to a single skill.   +4 puts the success rate in the high 80/low 90 percentiles.  I had a table with all the math and results but I've lost track of it. 🙂

Another reason I eventually stopped in my quest for a 'one roll combat system' is that having attack rolls and damage rolls allows for two ways to customize a character rather than one.  So one character might hit less often but when he does he does more damage on average or vice versa.  It allows for 'masterwork' weapons that are so well made that they grant a +1 attack bonus while a weapon enchanted with Fire grants a +1 damage bonus.   And the system is already simple enough that differentiation is a concern, slight though it is.

The concept of Flavor Text is going to be a big thing with LCA (Lights Camera Action!) as it'll be the flavor text that really helps differentiate characters to some extent.   It's concept that makes a character who wields two hand crossbows different from a character that wields two six shooters from a character that wields two dart flingers.   Same mechanics, different flavor.

In a way it's similar to Hero Systems where you turn the same Ranged Killing Attack  into everything from a laser pistol to a eye beam to a cobra launcher etc.

See how the digression creeps back in?

Also modified the Drain Energy to Energy Drain with some minor changes and added a Life Drain.  Life Drain is a combination of Direct Damage and Healing.  It can only hit one target with 2d6 while Direct Damage hits one target with 3d6 or two targets with 2d6 damage.   But it has the benefit of when it deals damage on a high damage it'll transfer half the damage done as life energy back to the energy user as healing.  By spending an additional energy point at that time (remember the motto, "Don't screw the players") the energy user can transfer that healing to an ally within range.   So for 2 energy points as one action the energy user deals a little less damage and has a chance to get healing.   As opposed spending 2 energy points as two actions on two turns to deal higher damage and guaranteed healing.

It 'seems' to me that it's reasonable.  If I was going to make a necro character I'd take it without feeling too screwed.

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