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Blender Update 4/26/2011

Have been going through and tweaking things, changing some of the vernacular and otherwise making things fit my ideas a little better as well as doing cleanup on the prose.

I did a first pass through the Knacks and broke them out into Tier 1 and Tier 2 ranked Knacks.  I have a problem with spreading stuff out over the full length of development, it means that some content is never used, kind of like MMOG's.   I want the content to be used so at most I might break it out into Tier 1, 2, 3 by adding in some extra stuff out that way.

Currently there are 96 Knacks, about 60% of them are available in Tier 1 now the remainder in Tier 2.   I've added a few 'leader' style knacks as well, influenced by the various Leader classes from 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons.

Right now there are 4 Tiers and each Tier has 4 Ranks.   That means that essentially there are 16 level ups over the course of a character's career, you don't start at step 1 but rather step 0.    I'm recommending that character's level up every 2 sessions on average.   That means that a full advancement would take 32 sessions.  Of course people are free to level up as they wish but I'm not including any Experience Point mechanics in the system, I find them too... limiting and immersion breaking and they don't reward non-combat very well or at all.   I figure if you've put in your 8 hours (assuming 2 sessions at 4 hours each) then you've earned the right to get a new toy.

I think every two sessions is frequent enough that the new toys come in and keep the player interested but not so often that they don't know what to do with them.

On a level up, I'm going pretty routine, you can add a Knack or Tweak to your character / weapons or boost your skills and every Tier you can also raise a base stat.

I'm toying with having a Primary Stat which grants a special per scene boost based on the stat type and Primary and Secondary skills which make it easier to raise the skill in the first case or give a bonus to one roll per scene.    They're intended as a way to further customize 'builds' between characters without adding too much complexity.  Might fail utterly but worthy of an attempt.

I also added in the option to use d6's for everything although in my opinion it shifts the math in a way that's bad for granularity and will start to break the game about midway through the leveling process  but that's why it's an option.   d6's cause bonuses and penalties to be worth more so you lose the ability to spread out the effects which can cost you in terms of having 'magic' gear of the trope'ic +1 To Hit.  I don't really foresee doing that much personally but I'd like it to be an option for those that want it.

I wish I had some throwaway players to try the character building rules out on, that I could get feed back from then reset them back to scratch and test it again after making the changes.  Tech really needs to get AI's up and running so we can have disposable people. 😉

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