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Digital Gaming Table 4/17/2011

More work on the making of the multi-touch functionality to get it working.  Running some issues that I think are attributable to my tablet pc which has multi-touch on it already.   Currently in the process of building a working system from spare parts I have laying around.  Will be far from awesome, a dual core AMD and an old radeon 4550 or something in that neighborhood.  I don't really let good parts sit around, I put them to use for myself or others.   It's been awhile since I did a hardware refresh on my primary box so maybe I should do that and move the current one over into the table.  That would give me a reasonable i5 OC'd by about 20% with SLI 8800 GT's and 8gb of ram.  That should be able to run most things at the 1280x800 resolution the projector puts out.

I ordered a PS3 Eyetoy camera and some right angle connectors for the projector to let it drop down a bit to widen the image.  You might think that the 1" gained wouldn't be all that much but with a super short throw projector 1" will equal a couple of inches in display size which is about what I'm short overall.

Sadly my vacation is over tonight and I have to go back to work so work on the table will probably slow down but I should be able to get back to the RPG system I've been working on using off time at work so there's a little tit for tat.

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