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Podcast Available on Itunes

Beaching...You can find the KOC Podcast on iTunes now. Be sure and tell all your cool RPG friends... :)  Feel free to rate it down on the quality of the recording, that's a work in progress.  It is my first one after all and I haven't spent any money on hardware but using what I have laying around the house.

For the curious I'm using an old craptop, a Dell Latittude P4 single core with 256megs of ram under XP and using the mic from a Logitech 9000 webcam, recording through Audacity, then transferring to my file server where I can run Adobe Soundbooth against it to do clean up.

Anyway sound levels, snap crackle and pop, breath pops etc. are a problem but it's still listenable too in my opinion.  Yours may vary and you're welcome to it.

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