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Battle Tracker Sheets

After my testing last night my current tracking system, using the initiative cards themselves irriatated me for the last time so I spent the last couple of hours figuring out what I need the most during a combat or playtest and how to best arrange it.

And thus the KOC Player Tracker and Monster Trackers were born.  You can find them on the Resources page at your right (or just click the obvious link to the left of this phrase).

Obviously your needs may or what you think is important or not and if you have a suggestion please feel free to send it my way, I'm always happy to read them.  I may go, "OMG that's pure crazy talk!" when I read it but I probably won't tell you that directly.  YMMV on that one though.

Some DM's won't need this kind of information tracking or they may farm it out to one player per session but typically I've found that keeping things a little more honest makes for a more balanced session.  I don't always have a hit point tracker but lately I think it might have proved useful for some players.  And of course having their hitpoints right there makes it a lot easier to 'go easier' on them when they really need it due to your die rolls compared to theirs or because you screwed up and gave them an elder dragon instead of the young dragon they really should have had.

The stats are of course always useful and the Int and Wis are slashed so you can record the modifier or the stat in the top and the passive perception/insight in the bottom. Â  Or you could just do it all in your head.

The monster stat lines are setup to track up to 5 monsters per 'set' of data and includes a longer health tracker box with Action Point boxes that you can use to mark those off for Solo's and Elites.

I plan on 'preloading' the sheets per encounter and cut off the excess sets that I don't need for that encounter if I feel the need to conserve table space.

Anyway, have fun with them.

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