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Bard 4th Edition V1

ortizfreelancedesign.comWell here it is the first version of the 4th edition Bard. It's based in very large part on Saric's post on the 4th edition forums which are constantly broken so I can't get the direct link now but there's a link in the pdf that goes to him and from there you could look up the original posting. Assuming the %@*)*!) forums are working.

Gleemax officially sucks IMO. And I work as LIII IT support for a very large public firm with a web presence that sees a few million hits a month so I do have some basis with which to base my they suck opnion on. I'll give them benefit of the doubt (okay not really) that they simply didn't anticipate the volume they'd be getting but frankly the volume is still pretty damn small all things considered.

Update: Forums are kinda sorta working albeit intermittently so here's the original if you'd prefer that.

I have made a few changes to the original posting, changed the way some of the powers worked for flavor although I'm going to go through and do some more of that, for instance the use of the old school spells like Grease and Otto's Irresistable Dance bugged me a little. I fixed some cut and paste errors and change the category of a couple as well.

There's also an issue in that this class has about 12-15% more powers than some of the other classes that I counted out like Cleric and Fighter etc so that might need to be adjusted or least try and get rid of some of the overlap? I think also that I may have moved or least made a note to move some of them into another level either to balance out the level load outs or because they felt a little over or underpowered to me.

Understand this is all based on reading the thing and not playing and play testing of course is the real crux of the issue.

Anyway, it's here if you want it.

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  1. The reason I used some of the old school powers was because, the bard is an “old school class.” To deny the availablity of said powers makes it not seem like a bard.

    A good example is the wizard. A wizard without the option to get fireball, sleep or the like doesn’t really feel like a wizard. The cleric also has some of the old school spells like, fire storm, divine power and cure light wounds.

    You are free to change the class as you like, but I just felt like explaining the reason I included some of those powers.

    And as I posted before, I didn’t want to feel constrained to mimic the exact number of powers as all the other classes.

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